Gunnite and Shotcrete

Restoration and repair – bridges, foundations, walls, parking garages, canals, Silos

New construction – buildings, pools, tanks, domes

WATER Proofing – foundations, walls, parking garages, bulk storage silos

Reinforcements – slopes, seawalls, piers

Corrosion protection – supports, piping

Architectural – zoos, theme parks, churches, special environments

Mining – sealing, stabilizing

Tunneling – primary support, finished linings

The Product:

1. Adhesion or Bond
The bond with properly cleaned concrete, brick or stone actually is Stronger than the material to which it is applied.

2. Density

The force of application by compressed air and the “peening” effect of The larger particles result in a very dense and impervious mass with an Absolute minimum of entrained air.

3. Compressive Strength
Extreme strength, hardness and abrasion resistance of the material are Attributable to two factors . . . the method of placement and the addition Of only the proper amount of water. Ultimate compressive strength has Been tested at 6000 psi or greater in 28 days.

4. Resistance to Absorption or Percolation
The density and watertight qualities of dry-process Shotcrete will allow It to withstand conditions which ordinarily destroy or damage concrete. It has been successfully used for structures subjected to alkalies, acids, Salt water and certain corrosive fumes.

5. Low Water-Cement Ratio
The excellent physical properties of the material are due to the water
Content being only the amount needed to satisfy chemical hydration (averaging 3 to 3 ½ gallons per bag of cement). In addition, placement at high velocity against a surface instead of forms results in the rejection of excess material or “rebound”.

6. Expansion
Expansion characteristics of dry-process Shotcrete are almost identical to Low-carbon steel. The expansion allows for flexibility of the steel-reinforced Mass and also minimizes cracking.

7. Fire Resistance
Underwriters' Laboratories, after conducting extensive tests on slabs, gave Dry-process Shotcrete extraordinary allowances for reinforced construction.

8. Forms
Dry-process Shotcrete can be placed against surfaces without forms and will Conform to any irregularities in the surface. Thicknesses can be from a Fraction of an inch to 10-12 inches and more.

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